The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache Maven Archiver, version 3.4.0.

You should specify the version in your project's dependency configuration:


Release Notes - Apache Maven Archiver - Version 3.4.0

** Bug
    * [MSHARED-588] - User supplied Class-Path entry does not go first
* [MSHARED-782] - Deprecated option classpathMavenRepositoryLayout not marked as deprecated in the documentation
    * [MSHARED-783] - Archiver documentation issue tracker 404

** New Feature
* [MSHARED-787] - Add optional buildEnvironment information to the manifest
    * [MSHARED-798] - Add addDefaultEntries option (true by default)

** Improvement
* [MSHARED-362] - Support removing default manifest entries with Maven Archiver * [MSHARED-777] - Remove deprecated main attributes from generated manifest * [MSHARED-799] - Change "Created-By" manifest entry value to be reproducible
    * [MSHARED-800] - Remove Maven version from

** Wish
* [MSHARED-661] - Remove manifest entry "Built-By: <username>" for reproducible builds * [MSHARED-796] - use java.specification.version instead of java.version in Build-Jdk manifest entry

** Task
* [MSHARED-797] - Move current Build-Jdk manifest entry to Build-Jdk-Spec


-The Apache Maven team

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