The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache Maven 
Javadoc Plugin, version 3.1.0

The Javadoc Plugin uses the Javadoc tool to generate javadocs for the specified 

You should specify the version in your project's plugin configuration:


You can download the appropriate sources etc. from the download page:

Release Notes - Maven Javadoc Plugin - Version 3.1.0

** Sub-task
    * [MJAVADOC-551] - Error if path to project contains a spaces
    * [MJAVADOC-552] - Author tag is removed, even though it should be excluded 
using the fixTags-setting

** Bug
    * [MJAVADOC-420] - javadoc:fix duplicates lines
    * [MJAVADOC-445] - JavadocOptionsXpp3Reader doesn't deserialize the 
placement element in Tag
    * [MJAVADOC-449] - javadoc:aggregate fails with JDK 9
    * [MJAVADOC-469] - <additionalOption> input isn't escaped for double 
backslashes in argument file
    * [MJAVADOC-495] - links option ignored in offline mode, even for local 
    * [MJAVADOC-506] - Javadoc plugin broken on Java 8 when 
    * [MJAVADOC-514] - Maven Javadoc Plugin can't get dependency from third 
party maven repository
    * [MJAVADOC-526] - aggregate goal doesn't respect managed dependencies
    * [MJAVADOC-527] - detectLinks may pass invalid URLs to javadoc(1)
    * [MJAVADOC-528] - Invalid 'expires' attribute
    * [MJAVADOC-532] - <link> entries that do not redirect are ignored
    * [MJAVADOC-533] - <link> entries that point to a resource that requires an 
Accept header may be ignored
    * [MJAVADOC-537] - warning when javadoc is invoked for dependency
    * [MJAVADOC-538] - JVM "JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS" or "_JAVA_OPTIONS" message 
detected as javadoc warning, triggers failure 
    * [MJAVADOC-542] - Unsupported class file major version 55
    * [MJAVADOC-543] - Archiving to jar is very slow
    * [MJAVADOC-544] - Changed behaviour of Javadoc for temporary files 
encoding (options, argfile, ...)
    * [MJAVADOC-548] - Directoryname mixed up with excludePackageNames
    * [MJAVADOC-549] - Version tag comes and goes on several javadoc:fix goal 
    * [MJAVADOC-554] - Running javadoc:aggregate twice throws 
    * [MJAVADOC-555] - Javadoc:aggregate, Javadoc:jar fail if one of the 
modules does not contain
    * [MJAVADOC-556] - javadoc:aggregate fails with "No source files for 
package" for packages that are not exported
    * [MJAVADOC-563] - Javadoc generation fails if module name contains 
restricted keyword in non-terminal position
    * [MJAVADOC-567] - "Not in a module on the module source path" when using 
JDK 12
    * [MJAVADOC-568] - javadoc:jar fails when project has Automatic-Module-Name 
and (implicit) uses offlinelinks with element-list
    * [MJAVADOC-570] - --add-modules expects comma-separated arguments
    * [MJAVADOC-575] - <source>8</source> fails when exists
    * [MJAVADOC-580] - javadoc:javadoc detects wrong java API link when running 
on openjdk 11.0.2

** New Feature
    * [MJAVADOC-134] - Support aggregated reports at each level in the 
multi-module hierarchy

** Improvement
    * [MJAVADOC-444] - Add an 'aggregated-no-fork' goal
    * [MJAVADOC-447] - Command line dump reveals proxy user/password in case of 
    * [MJAVADOC-499] - Ignore on earlier Java versions
    * [MJAVADOC-513] - Aggregate: make order of classpath entries predictable
    * [MJAVADOC-530] - Clean up additionalparam documentation
    * [MJAVADOC-534] - Support element-list links from java10 dependencies
    * [MJAVADOC-546] - Allow to generate report in Spanish locale
    * [MJAVADOC-558] - Change default value for removeUnknownThrows to true
    * [MJAVADOC-562] - Ability to pass --release to Javadoc tool
    * [MJAVADOC-565] - Make proxy configuration properly work for both HTTP and 
    * [MJAVADOC-566] - Use patterns for defaultJavadocApiLinks
    * [MJAVADOC-577] - Fixed typos in User Guide.
    * [MJAVADOC-578] - Groups parameter is not compatibile with Surefire

** Task
    * [MJAVADOC-557] - Deprecate parameter includeTransitiveDependencySources

** Dependency upgrade
    * [MJAVADOC-535] - Upgrade to parent pom 32


-The Apache Maven team

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