I have a PR I'd like to submit to the 
https://github.com/ansible/ansible-modules-core repo but I'm unsure of what 
I should write in the PR for the Ansible version. The PR is for changing a 
DOCUMENTATION string, and the information being changed applies to versions 
1.9 up through the head of the devel branch.

Opening up a PR gives me a templated commit summary. It asks for the 
relevant Ansible version and asks for the output of ansible --version. 
 Would the Ansible team prefer me to say 2.2? On a related note, if the PR 
is accepted, and gets merged into devel, would the cherry-picked into the 
maintenance branches by one of the core team, or any extra effort be 
required on my part for this to happen?  Or is it not a concern?

If it helps, my PR is for the mount module, and corrects the DOCUMENTATION 
string at the top of the file 
to bring it in line with the code at 
.  It should fix https://github.com/ansible/ansible-modules-core/issues/2623

For the time being, the relevant diff is: 


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