Hi all, per the email I sent the other day regarding the repo merge, a
question has been raised internally regarding whether or not we would make
the same changes to existing stable branches (stable-2.2, stable-2.1, etc).


* Removing the git submodules and making paths to the modules the same
across these branches will make back-porting patches much easier for we
developers and community contributors. Otherwise, we'll have many more
steps to bring a patch from devel to stable, which might frustrate


* This is potentially a breaking change for stable releases on a sub-minor
update. The primary concern raised here is that some users may have Ansible
deployment/installation methods which rely on the existing paths.


My current proposal is to do this in the stable-2.2 branch only, and after
2.2.1 has been released so users will have a known good version to
fall-back on. We are aware that this may be the case for devel, however
users will have time to adjust whereas with a stable release they may be

So, if you are a user/org which would be adversely impacted by a
reorganization of the module directories in the Ansible 2.2.x version,
please let us know ASAP! We'll be making a final decision on whether or not
to reorg the stable branches next week.


James Cammarata

Ansible Lead/Sr. Principal Software Engineer
Ansible by Red Hat
twitter: @thejimic, github: jimi-c

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