Hello All,

I am a complete newbie and have only spent hours reading about ansible and 
this forum. I have been (un;)fortunate to work with ansible devs, so 
haven't had to get my hands dirty :( Anyway here I am and ready to get my 
hands dirty. There is a specific nut I am trying to crack in ansible. We 
have Ansible Tower and want to dev a job template that add disks to and 
server instance. The size and number of disk will be provided as an 
extra_var csv string, eg. 10,100,25,200 would add 4 disks of sizes 10GB, 
100GB, 25GB & 200GB. We have the task ready and it works, so adding one 
disk is not a problem, but how do we then repeat that task for the next 
disk? Its not a question of nuts and bolts of adding disks, its a question 
how do we take the csv string (not file) and then loop the task.

Looks like this is possible in Ansible, as per the below articles.


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