I am trying to log into private docker container registry and I need to use 
a json-string as a password. So I do the following
  registry: cr.yandex
  username: json_key
  password: "{{ lookup('file', 'key.json') }}"
  reauthorize: yes
And I got an error "Get https://cr.yandex/v2/: unauthorized: Password is 
invalid - must be JSON key".

When I ran "ansible-playbook" in verbose mode I saw that the content of the 
file "key.json" was transcoded – double quotes were changed to single 
quotes so it have become an invalid json string.

Luckily I found a code that caused this 
The "password" is of type "string". Then I changed "type='str'" to 
"type='json'" in my local file and everything worked!

I don't know if I am doing something wrong or it is a real bug and I should 
create an issue on github. Could someone please help me?

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