Hi all,

I am pretty new to Ansible. I am using ec2.py to connect to my EC2 
instances and run my ansible scripts on them. Previously, it was working 
fine when I was using "all" regions. But now when I change the region to a 
specific one region (any of the available ones), in ec2.ini, it gives me 
below error for the first time and after second time onward, it works well.

UNREACHABLE! => {"changed": false, "msg": "Failed to connect to the host via 
ssh.", "unreachable": true}

What I do is use ec2 module to create a instance and then wait_for port 22 
on each host to be up. It wait successfully and moves forward but in the 
immediate next step when I try to connect to the instance, it gives above 
error first time. Here is my wait_for task: (ec2_server is the variable 
registered from ec2 module)

name: wait for ssh server to be running
    wait_for: host={{ item.public_dns_name }} port=22
    with_items: "{{ec2_server.instances | default([])}}"
    when: item.state == 'running'

I ping in between to the instance using private ip and the ping succeeds. I 
suspect it is some timing issue or DNS name resolution issue with AWS. Has 
anyone faced such problem before?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks !

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