So running into a few issues running blockinfile for a few tests.

I created a really basic playbook literally form the ansible doc example

- name: insert/update eth0 configuration stanza in /etc/network/interfaces
        (it might be better to copy files into /etc/network/interfaces.d/)
    dest: /etc/network/interfaces
    block: |
      iface eth0 inet static

when I run it it throws a syntax error pointing to the blockinfile line

So I'm curious if it's not finding the module or I really have a syntax issue, 
so the reason I think that is that i had ansible-19.4-1.el6.noarch installed 
and it had no files for 
blockinfile at all.  I upgraded it to 2.1.10-1.el6.noarch and it added 
/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/ansible/modules/extras/files/ I 
even used the --module-path flag and still no joy.

It says the default module path is /usr/share/my_modules but that directory was 
never created by the RPM. However, other functions like passwd change works 

So is my install messed up or am I building playbooks incorrectly?

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