Hello ...

I am invoking puppet agent -t from Ansible, and since some puppet non-zero 
return codes are OK, I am parsing the stdout to look for errors and fail if 
any errors are seen.

In this case, the error string I am looking for is "has failures: true"

The string I am looking for has a colon and I cannot for the life of me 
escape it. 

I have tried single quotes, double quotes, quotes around the whole thing, 
quotes only around the colon, backslash.

Also, I am not using the puppet module because I cannot become root on the 
other side, I only have sudo privs to the command ... Suggesting I use the 
puppet modules is not an option for us, unfortunately.

Any suggestions on how to escape this colon? Is this an issue with the find 
function? I feel the answer will be something really obvious.

If I remove the "and puppet_execute.stdout.find("has failures: true") > -1" or 
remove the colon, the play runs just fine. It is this darn colon!!!

Here is the execute.yml from the role "puppet_apply"

- name: "Executing puppet apply"
  become: no
  changed_when: false
  ignore_errors: yes
  shell: cd /var/tmp && sudo /usr/local/bin/puppet agent -t --no-noop  | 
grep -v 'Loading facts in ' | sed -r 
     executable: /bin/bash
  register: puppet_execute
  when: puppet_prompt == "GO"

- name: Verify if puppet was already running
  when: puppet_prompt == "GO" and puppet_execute.stdout.find("Run of Puppet 
configuration client already in progress") > -1

- name: Verify if any errors detected
  fail: msg="PUPPET ISSUES"
  when: puppet_prompt == "GO" and puppet_execute.stdout.find("has failures: 
true") > -1

2016-09-22 11:13:09,179 p=26334 u=sysint |  fatal: [hostA]: FAILED! => 
{"failed": true, "reason": "Syntax Error while loading YAML.\n\n\nThe error 
appears to have been in 
'/app/sysint/ansible/roles/puppet_apply/tasks/execute.yml': line 19, column 
76, but may\nbe elsewhere in the file depending on the exact syntax 
problem.\n\nThe offending line appears to be:\n\n  fail: msg=\"PUPPET 
ERRORS DETECTED\"\n  when: puppet_prompt == \"GO\" and 
puppet_execute.stdout.find(\"'has failures: true'\") > -1\n                 
                                                          ^ here\nWe could 
be wrong, but this one looks like it might be an issue with\nunbalanced 
quotes.  If starting a value with a quote, make sure the\nline ends with 
the same set of quotes.  For instance this arbitrary\nexample:\n\n    foo: 
\"bad\" \"wolf\"\n\nCould be written as:\n\n    foo: '\"bad\" \"wolf\"'\n"}

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