Hi can anyone help, this is doing my nut in.  

I cannot get the correct repo to install dependent on the OS family and 
release, I have 7 repos and need to identify RHEL, SL and Oracle v 5, 6 
(x86 or x64) and 7.  
All our servers patch from local repositories, none are allowed direct 
access to the outside world. 
As you can see i have tried the when statement in the two ways I have seen 
in the docs.  Removing the WHEN statement installs the repo file fine, as 
you can appreciate I dont want to be installing incorrect repo files onto 
production systems.

[root@xxxxx]# ansible --version
  config file = /etc/ansible/roles/xxxx/ansible.cfg
  configured module search path = Default w/o overrides

playbook - snipped

- hosts: patch-test

  - debug:
      msg: "System {{ inventory_hostname }} is {{ ansible_distribution }} 
major vession {{ ansible_distribution_major_version }}"
 - name: Enable Scientific Linux 6 x86 local repo
     name: Scientific_Linux_6_x86_Local
     description: Scientific_Linux_6-32
     file: Scientific_linux
     baseurl: http://burkrules/repos/sl6-32
     gpgcheck: no
     when: ansible_distribution == "Scientific" and 
ansible_distribution_major_version == "6" and ansible_architecture == "i386"

  - name: Enable Scientific Linux 7 local repo
     name: Scientific_Linux_7_Local
     description: Scientific_Linux_7-64
     file: Scientific_linux
     baseurl: http://berkrules/repos/sl7-64/
     gpgcheck: no
       - ansible_distribution == 'Scientific'
       - ansible_distribution_major_version == '7'

Output - snipped

PLAY [patch-test] 

TASK [setup] 
ok: [XXTS2]

TASK [debug] 
ok: [XXTS2] => {
    "msg": "System XXXTS2 is Scientific major vession 7"

TASK [Enable Scientific Linux 6 x86 local repo] 
fatal: [XXTS2]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "failed": true, "msg": 
"unsupported parameter for module: when"}

        to retry, use: --limit @....

Many thanks for any help.


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