Hi Team,

I need a help for running a playbook from a python program. Following is 
the description of the setup.

I have a configuration database that contains following information

- Hosts

- Variables for each host by role

- Instance and role mapping

I am creating dynamic inventory JSON from database using a python 
(inventory.py). JSON sample output shown below.


*  "_meta": {*

*    "hostvars": {*

*      "dba": {*

*        "db-system" : {*

*          "asm_diskgroup_diskDiscoveryString": "/dev/mapper/*", *

*          "asm_diskgroup_disks": 
"/dev/mapper/ocrvote1p1,/dev/mapper/ocrvote2p1,/dev/mapper/ocrvote3p1", *

*          "asmca_disk_db1": "/dev/mapper/db1p1", *

*          "asmca_disk_db2": "/dev/mapper/db2p1", *

*          "asmca_disk_fra": "/dev/mapper/fra1", *

*          "asmca_disk_redo": "/dev/mapper/redo1", *

*        }*

*      }*

*    }*

*  }, *

*  "instances": {*

*    "hosts": [*

*      "dba"*

*    ]*

*  }*


I have the root playbook (dba.yml) for application installation as shown 
below that I run to start installation on dba.

*- hosts: dba*

*  gather_facts: False*

*  roles:*

*    - ssh*

*    - ntp*

*    - db-system*

I execute following command to run the playbook.

*ansible-playbook -i inventory.py dba.yml*

I want to write a python program to run the playbook with the inventory 
that I have in the database.

I have following questions

Can I load the inventory object from database in python ??

If yes, how do I do that ??

If no, can I use JSON output to load the inventory object ?? and how do I 
do that ??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

- Hrishikesh

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