HI Peter,

have you managed to do it? I can not connect to the EC2 instance afterwards 
(after spinning up the AMI)

any success on that?



On Saturday, October 4, 2014 at 3:39:33 PM UTC+2, Peter Mounce wrote:
> I'm using Ansible to bake Windows AMIs in AWS. It works well.
> This involves running `& "c:\program 
> files\Amazon\Ec2ConfigService\ec2config.exe" -sysprep` as the last step. 
> This will sysprep the box and then shut it down so that one can `aws ec2 
> create-image` on it.
> Trouble is, because it shuts the box down, winrm goes with it.
> I was thinking about how I might do this, and so far the best I've come up 
> with is to schedule a task for a few seconds from now that will run that 
> command. Ansible ought to get a good response from winrm and return ok.
> Before I do that, can anyone think of something better, or has anyone done 
> this already?
> Regards
> Pete

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