Hi Johannes,

Thanks for your reply. I am much of the same opinion after some fruitless 
It probably is not possible to achieve what I need directly with 
Sad, but I'll find some other way to work.

As why this solution was choosen, I cannot say. It's what we got to work 
with from joint effort of security- and OS team (I work in application 
I can only guess that having one point of access in combination with one 
place to manage sudo rights is the reason.

Best Regards,


Den tisdag 3 februari 2015 kl. 11:26:31 UTC+1 skrev Ethan Zhan:
> Hi,
>        I'm in trouble with how to use ansible on jumpbox, here is the 
> issue.
>        from jumpbox I have to use command  *sudo ssh box_ip*  to get 
> login with root permission.
>        How can I let ansible know to use sudo ssh instead of ssh command 
> to execute ?
> Thanks
> Ethan

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