Not sure about your second question, but as for your first, this should 

when: ansible_hostname | lower | search ("sql-db") == False

No idea where I found it originally, i just dug through my own scripts for 
an example.

On Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at 2:01:05 PM UTC-5, John Harmon wrote:
> I need to take this and do the opposite:
> when: ansible_hostname | lower | search ("sql-db")
> ie: when: not(ansible_hostname | lower | search ("ebs-db"))
> Is there a good place to find out what I can/can't do for this kind of 
> stuff (maybe even just a cheat sheet)?  I don't know anything about jinja 
> and don't know the best place to start.  Also, how would you change the 
> above to exclude "sql-db" when in the ansible_hostname fact?

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