My real use case is a patching playbook. I have a collection of servers I 
want to patch one at a time (serial: 1) but there are a set of decommision 
steps I only want to run once for the entire group. Then patch the servers 
one by one. Then there is a set of commission tasks I want to run once for 
the entire group. If I put run once on the pre/post tasks. It still gets 
run once per play eg once per host.

If it helps, the full context is this is a cassandra cluster. I want to 
stop the repair service, patch the whole cluster 1 node at a time, then 
start the repair service.

On Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 4:34:50 PM UTC-6, Brian Coca wrote:
> you want run_once, not serial 
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> Brian Coca 

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