I don't fully agree with you.
Because I set "applicationname" to "{{ APPLICATIONNAME }}" when I call the 
role in the playbook:

- include_role: 
    name: role1 
    applicationname: "{{ APPLICATIONNAME }}" 
    description: "{{ DESCRIPTION }}"

Problem is, that "{{ APPLICATIONNAME }}" at this point is undefined.

And again, I think the problem with 
- name: check required vars when applicationname is not defined
  debug: msg="Variable '{{ item }}' is not defined"
  when: vars[item] is not defined
  with_items: "{{ required_vars }}" 

is, that vars[item] is not undefined.
Why? Because "applicationname" seems to have a value:

TASK [role1 : debug] ***********************************************

ok: [server1] => {
    "vars": {

        "applicationname": "{{ APPLICATIONNAME }}"

Maybe it is misinterpreted as a string "{{ APPLICATIONNAME }}"
Therefore, when: vars[item] is not defined does not work as expected

Hope you can follow me.

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