Recently upgraded to ansible 2.5rc2.
When running a role "bigip_check" I noticed an argument that is not defined 
anywhere is used. "provider"

fatal: []: FAILED! => {
    "changed": false,
    "invocation": {
        "module_args": {
            "host": "",
            "interval": 10,
            "password": "admin",
*            "provider": {*
*                "password": "admin",*
*                "server": "",*
*                "server_port": 443,*
*                "ssh_keyfile": null,*
*                "timeout": 40,*
*                "transport": "rest",*
*                "user": null,*
*                "validate_certs": null*
            "reload": false,
            "save_config": false,
            "timeout": 40,
            "username": "admin"
    "msg": "Unsupported parameters for (bigip_check) module: *provider 
parameters include: host, interval, password, reload, save_config, timeout, 

Not sure where its coming from. Not passed into task?

  - name: Check if the BigIP is ready to accept commands
      host: "{{inventory_hostname}}"
      password: "{{f5.default.password.admin}}"
      username: "{{f5.username}}"
      reload: false
      save_config: false
      timeout: "{{check_timeout}}"
      interval: 10
  - debug:
      msg: "{{bigip.version}} {{bigip.marketingName}} {{bigip.build}} 
      verbosity: 1

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