I have a playbook with several roles to be performed on AWS instances. I 
want to get the list of all aws resource actions used on the ec2 modules so 
i can create specific IAM role with those permisions. But i'm unable to get 
the specified output as per the documentation. I have done the changes as 
per the documentaion. Modified the ansible.cfg to

callback_whitelist = aws_resource_actions

Also on the playbook i have given the group as follow- name: Get instance 
details and attach ebs volumes

  hosts: some hosts
      debug_botocore_endpoint_logs: True
  gather_facts: yes
    - a_role

Also i have added modified the ec2 task also to add this

- name : Create EBS one
    region: "{{ region }}"
    instance: "{{ item}}"
    device_name: "{{ device }}"
    volume_type: "{{ vol_type }}"
    volume_size: "{{ vol_size }}"
    delete_on_termination: yes
    encrypted: yes
    debug_botocore_endpoint_logs: yes
      Name: "{{ vol_name }}"      
  register: EBSdetails

Can anyone point me out what i have missed?

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