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> I think this should be possible. I'm actually (slowly,
> when I have the time) working on building in support
> for this with jython. In Jython (as in Rhinoscript,
> I believe) you can compile a python class to a 
> java class, which can easily subclass an ant Task.
> So I'm developing three ant tasks:
> 1)a task for running jython scripts (basically a more
> jython-friendly version of Script task)
> 2)a task for compiling jython classes to java classes
> 3)a task for defining & compiling an ant task from a jython
> class
> So far only task 1) is done :) 
> I'm planning on submitting these to the jython group
> since (from listening to the jython-dev list) this is
> not the sort of thing the ant developers want to 
> encourage or maintain.
> The third task is the interesting one. You should be
> able to define a new task inline in your ant build
> like this:
> <jytaskdef name="cat">
>     def setFile(self, String fileName):
>         self.fileName = fileName
>     def execute(self):
>         print open(self.fileName).read()    
> </jytaskdef>
> The above snippet would embed the code in a jython
> class which extends org.apache.ant.main.Task, 
> compile the jython class into a java class,
> then define the task.
> One of the (anticipated) beauties of this system
> is that you could very rapidly create new tasks
> by embedding them in your ant script. There would
> be an easy path to convert tasks that
> seem to be of more general usage into reusable 
> tasks; maybe by adding a 'jar' attribute to
> the jytaskdef.
> I see no reason why you could not do the same 
> thing for javascript, and I intend to once/if
> I get a workable jython system.
Sounds Great !
This is exactly what I would like to have. 

I would anyway like to use jython instead of javascript, 
but it seemed to me that javascript is better supported at the moment. 


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