This looks like a bug in Ant.

Inside of <junit> I am specifying some JVM arguments, like this:

<jvmarg value="-Dxxx.data=/home/data -Dxxx.config=/home/config"/>

Yet, when I invoke Ant with -v I see:

Executing: /usr/local/jdk/jre/../bin/java "-Dxxx.data=/home/data

-Dxxx.config=/home/config" -classpath ... my.test.class

The problem are those quotation marks around -D flags.

They cause java to be invoked incorrectly.

I tried this outside Ant, invoking java directly with the same parameters, once with 
those quotation marks and once witout.

It fails when quotation marks are used - the -D parameters

do not get passed to the JVM correctly.

That is why I cannot get my junit test to pass - it cannot get the value of one of the 
parameters that I specified in <jvmarg> element because Ant wraps the value I 
specified in "" :(

This definitely looks like an easy to fix bug to me.

Will this bug report reach Ant developers or should I submit

the bug directly?



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