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>Maybe we can change the approach.
>If RIPE website had a platform to post abuse report, that send the email for
>the abuse contact, it will be possible to evaluate the responsiveness of the
>abuse contact.

Making such a scheme compulsory would be unacceptable to people who wish
to interact with network owners without disclosing that in public ...

... sometimes because they do not wish their names to be known,
sometimes because they do not wish their techniques for (and speed at)
detecting abuse to become known.

So making it compulsory would be completely counterproductive.

Making use of such a website voluntary would also be unwise because the
people who do not wish their reports to be public are probably in the
majority (I speculate) so that reputation system would fail to include
the majority of reports that are made (and I again speculate) the
overwhelming majority of reports that are acted upon.

Producing non-biased reputation systems is very hard ...

>This way anyone that report an abuse could assess not only the response but
>also the effectiveness of the actions taken by the network owner. After some
>time with this evaluations we would easy to realize who manages the reports
>and even who does not respond at all.

... I think also there is a risk of total confusion by conflating many
different types of abuse and many different types of reporter into a
single system.

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