correction: year 2020*
--------- Original Message --------- Subject: Re: [anti-abuse-wg] working in 
new version of 2019-04 (Validation of "abuse-mailbox")
From: "Fi Shing" <>
Date: 1/16/20 10:03 am
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 Sergio, that would make too much sense.
This mailing list is not only not even considering what you have said, but they 
are trying to remove the requirement of a network operator to even receive 
emails about complaints at all.
It's the year 2019, and these "people" on this list (probably cyber criminals 
or are paid by cyber criminals to weaken policy) come here and say this garbage.
--------- Original Message --------- Subject: Re: [anti-abuse-wg] working in 
new version of 2019-04 (Validation of "abuse-mailbox")
From: "S&eacute;rgio Rocha" <>
Date: 1/15/20 8:16 pm
To: "anti-abuse-wg" <>

 Maybe we can change the approach.
 If RIPE website had a platform to post abuse report, that send the email for
 the abuse contact, it will be possible to evaluate the responsiveness of the
 abuse contact.
 This way anyone that report an abuse could assess not only the response but
 also the effectiveness of the actions taken by the network owner. After some
 time with this evaluations we would easy to realize who manages the reports
 and even who does not respond at all.
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 On Wed, Jan 15, 2020 at 07:23:38AM +0000, Carlos Fria&ccedil;as via 
 > I obviously don't speak for the incident handling community, but i 
 > think this (making it optional) would be a serious step back. The 
 > current situation is already very bad when in some cases we know from 
 > the start that we are sending (automated) messages/notices to blackholes.
 So why is it preferrable to send mails which are not acted on, as opposed to
 "not send mail because you know beforehand that the other network is not
 I can see that it is frustrating - but I still cannot support a policy
 change which will not help dealing with irresponsible networks in any way,
 but at the same time increases costs and workload for those that do the
 right thing alrady.
 > To an extreme, there should always be a known contact responsible for 
 > any network infrastructure. If this is not the case, what's the 
 > purpose of a registry then?
 "a known contact" and "an *abuse-handling* contact" is not the same thing.
 Gert Doering
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