I'm starting to ask myself how the United States difffers  from 
Nazis Germany?

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> Shot Just Misses Antiwar Demonstrator
> By Maureen O'Hagan
>   A group holding a weekly peace vigil in Howard County has endured
> curses, yelling and threats of violence. But on Saturday, police
> said, someone in a car fired a shot at the group that came within
> inches of one of the protesters. 
>   Samuel E. Stayton, 66, of Columbia, said he was carrying a sign made
> of particle board and had it propped up on his belt buckle about 4:30
> p.m. Saturday, about halfway through the vigil. "I heard this noise
> and felt a vibration in my sign," he said. "I looked at the sign and
> saw a little hole in the lower left corner."
>   Stayton said the hole went through the sign and missed his midsection
> by about four inches. 
>   The sign read, "Peace on Earth."
>   "We believe it was a BB or a pellet of some kind fired by a moving
> vehicle," said Howard County police spokeswoman Sherry Llewellyn. An
> officer went to the scene and took a report, but Stayton said he had
> not seen who fired the shot.
>   The vigil, which has attracted about 10 to 15 people each week since
> it began about two months ago, was organized by a local Quaker group
> in response to U.S. military action in Afghanistan, although not
> everyone involved is affiliated with the Quakers. The gathering is
> held Saturdays at Broken Land Parkway and Little Patuxent Parkway, a
> busy intersection near The Mall in Columbia.
>   Participants stand silently on the sidewalk carrying signs with
> slogans such as "Justice, yes. Violence, no" and "War is not the
> answer."
>   Saturday's shooting was the first violent incident the group has
> encountered. The demonstrators have been heckled before, and
> occasionally someone has flashed an obscene gesture. "Last week, I
> heard, 'War is good,' " Stayton recalled. "Another one said, 'War is
> the answer.' " 
>   Organizer Sherry Morgan, of Scaggsville, said: "I recall one
> particularly disturbing incident [on a previous weekend] where a
> gentleman was sitting in the left turn lane yelling, 'You should all
> be killed.'"
>    Morgan said that on Sunday, the local Quaker meeting discussed the
> shooting incident and decided to continue the vigils.
>   Morgan said she came to beliefs about the war in Afghanistan after
> considerable thought, weighing her pacifist leanings against her
> feelings about people directly affected by the Sept. 11 terrorist
> attacks. "Justice can be pursued without dropping bombs on a
> country," she said.
>   The demonstrators considered asking for extra police protection in
> light of the shooting incident, but in the end decided against it.
>   Stayton said that he will continue to attend. "It did shake me up a
> little bit," he said. "I wouldn't want to do it alone."
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