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.Japan warned not to forget lesson from its defeat in Pacific War
  Pyongyang, December 8 (KCNA) -- The Japanese reactionaries should
renounce its anachronistic design for reinvasion, clearly mindful that the
Koreans and other Asian people today are not who used to be at the time of
the outbreak of the Pacific War. Rodong Sinmun today says this in a signed
commentary carried 60 years since the war was provoked by the Japanese
Recalling that hundreds of millions of people in Asia had to undergo
scourge of this war, the commentary says:
Many years have passed and there has been a considerable change in the
international community since the Japanese imperialists were defeated in the
Those countries which once committed war crimes have already reflected
on their wrongs or in that process. But, there is no change in the way of
thinking and attitude of Japan only.
Japan's militaristic way of thinking and attitude still persist. It is
because Japan is seeking to repeat the history of aggression, oblivious of
the lesson from the Pacific War.
Describing the past aggression and war deeds as "justice", the Japanese
reactionaries are straining every nerve to provide institutional mechanisms
for overseas expansion while inciting militarism and aggressive idea.
Japan has emerged a de-facto war state and aggression force.
The viper of militarism is seeking to swallow up Asia and, furthermore,
the rest of the world, with dreadful spite. But such act will never be
allowed by the world people.
We will annihilate with all our strength and means the Japanese
reactionaries to the last man, if they invade the territory of the DPRK even
an inch. 


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