Hi, I want to use an URL who points to a .tcl file, but I don't want the '.tcl'
part appears in the link, i.e. 'www.web.com/file', where 'file' in the link
equals 'file.tcl'

How can I get this?.

With aolserver 4.05 I get the content of the code in my browser as text.

If I use the full name 'file.tcl' in the link all goes OK.

I vaguely remember I could use a link to a tcl file without using the .tcl
extension and aolserver searching the dir for a file with the same name?.

Am I wrong?

I wish the following priority in the files:
file (without .tcl extension), file.tcl, file.adp, file.html

Need I to add some parameter to the aolserver configuration?


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