On 2006.01.30, David Kuczek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Are you thread-maxing?  Or, DB pool connection maxing?
> I am not sure if I know what you exactly mean. I'll just copy here the
> appropriate fragments of config.tcl. This is my 3.x config.tcl file
> that I also use for my current 4.0.10 aolserver.
> [...]
> ns_param   maxconnections     20
> ns_param   maxdropped         0
> ns_param   maxthreads         5
> ns_param   minthreads         5

Oh, wow, ouch.  If you have a long running request -- five of them -- at
the same time ... subsequent requests will stall/hang until one of those
requests completes.

If you haven't already, I'd configure nslog's "logreqtime" on and look
in your access log for any long-running requests.  See:


Are you sure this site will never see >5 simultaneous users at any given
time?  Hmm.

-- Dossy

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