On Mon, Jan 30, 2006 at 08:51:47PM +0100, David Kuczek wrote:

> ns_section ns/server/${server}
> ns_param   maxthreads         5
> ns_param   minthreads         5
> ns_param   threadtimeout      120

It is not the cause of your current problem, but a threadtimeout of
120 is very low.  Unless you have very special and clear reasons for
choosing 120, try 3600 or even higher.

maxthreads of only 5 is quite low, suitable for a Dev server but NOT
for a busy Production server.  This could EASILY be the cause of your

> ns_section ns/db/pool/main
> ns_param   connections        5

Only 5 db connections is also quite low, this could also easily be the
cause of your problem.

Most likely, your "stalling" is because either all 5 conn threads or
all 5 db connectiosn are tied up.  Similar info is available lots of
places, e.g.:


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