On 2007.08.01, Michael Andrews <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I guess adding the ability to manage pools from the config does not  
> take anything away from the ability ALSO manage pools from a package/ 
> module.  Gives folks a choice.

One of the ideas for AOLserver 5.0 is to eliminate most of the static
config-time parameters and make as much as possible tunable at runtime.
The notion of having to bounce the entire process to make certain config
changes can be disruptive, operationally--especially when you have large
libraries of pre-sourced Tcl scripts which makes server startup

The natural segue with "most settings changeable at runtime" is a body
of intelligent code that self-tunes and dynamically heals the server
(ala Oracle's clusterware, etc.).  I'd love to get AOLserver the point
where you simply specify maximum and minimum boundaries (which default
to the hardware's limits) and the server tunes itself based on the
workload it's receiving.

-- Dossy

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