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> One of the hallmarks of AOLserver has always been ease of configuration. 
> My sense is that we're drifting away from that?

Frankly, one of the biggest FAQ's is "how do I tune AOLserver?"  IMHO,
"ease of configuration" is "less to manually tune" which means settings
need to be able to be adjusted at runtime.

Seriously, what value does being able to set max connections manually
really offer?  What people really want is a server that uses resources
efficiently but in a way which doesn't run itself out of resources and
starve itself.  Rarely do I actually hear people say "yes, I really want
to limit the number of connections" but rather "I want to allow as many
connections as my hardware can handle--how high should I set
max connections?"

AOLserver is going to become even easier to set up and configure.  These
are growing pains, unfortunately.

-- Dossy

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