> On 2007.08.01, Michael Andrews <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> The natural segue with "most settings changeable at runtime" is a body
> of intelligent code that self-tunes and dynamically heals the server
> (ala Oracle's clusterware, etc.).

Oh, lord.  There's a reason people avoid Oracle unless they really need
it.   And I haven't needed it for a long time.

Besides which, we're not talking about anything nearly as complex as
cluster management here.

>  I'd love to get AOLserver the point
> where you simply specify maximum and minimum boundaries (which default
> to the hardware's limits) and the server tunes itself based on the
> workload it's receiving.

You do, I'm sure, realize that this is more in the nature of a research
project and something that shouldn't be let loose anywhere near a
production release until it's been exhaustively tested by a reasonable
number of people?

Please tell me you're aware of a few basic software engineering principles.


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