It may be that your browser can't find a protocol in common with the server. I 
noticed that newer Mozilla browsers no longer connect with an old version of 
nsssl (not openssl). But Konqueror still connects. Everytime it happens it 
takes a few minutes for me to remember the issue. All I get is a blank page, 
but not much of an indication of what is wrong. 

tom jackson

On Friday 30 November 2007 05:19, Marc Kalberer wrote:
> Ref:  Aolserver-4.0.10 / OpenSSL 0.9.8 / GCC  4.0.3 / libc 2.3.6 ...
> debian system (grsecurity/vserver)
> Hello,
> I have a problem setting up ssl on aolserver4.  It seems to work, the
> server begin to serve the page, but after a small amout of time I get a
> " Warning: nsopenssl (rezo): SSL read: socket gone; disconnected by
> client?".
> And the page stop loading.
> Any idea on how to correct this problem ?
> ++
> Marc

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