I found that my server is crashing when it is at line 3905 on the

3905:      if (oci_error_p (lexpos (), dbh, "OCIStmtExecute", query,
3906:    {
3907:          Tcl_SetResult(interp, dbh->dsExceptionMsg.string,
3908:          flush_handle (dbh);
3909:          return TCL_ERROR;
3910:    }

The error in my Aolserver log just say:

Error: nsoracle.c:3905:<unknown>: error in `OCIStmtExecute ()': ORA-20015

And then it just crashes :-( !

The ORA-20015 might vary between ORA-20000 and ORA-20099, which is the user
customized code. and even if the length of message is short, after many
raise_application_error() commands, it crashes.

I presume it is a buffer overflow since at the beginning of the nsoracle.c
there is a line defining the buffer size, according to the oracle doc, this
was limited on previous versions of oracle but from Oracle 10g and above
this buffer size is unlimited.

Do you know what could be the problem with that?

Thanks in advance

On Thu, Apr 17, 2008 at 10:17 AM, Enrique Catalan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have an issue when using the Aolserver 4.5 for Win32 port by
> friendlybits ( http://www.friendlybits.com/en/inf_tec_en/win32openacs_en/).  
> This version works pretty well on Windows Server 2003 except that there
> is a weird behavior with ns_ora when using Oracle 10g and when running the
> following command:
> [ns_ora dml nsdb0
>   begin
>     raise_application_error (-20000, 'this is the user error message this
> is the user error message this is the user error message this is the user
> error message this is the user error message this is the user error message
> this is the user error message');
>   end;
> ]
> The server crahes with no errror message in the log.  Seems to be a memory
> leak in ns_ora.   I've tried the Oracle client 9i and the 10g and got the
> same on both.  The server crashes with different lenght of messages.
> According to the Oracle doc, the limit of the message including the error
> code shouldn't exceed 512 characters.
> I was wondering if you've had some similar issues before or just if you
> know if there is any known issue with ns_ora and Oracle 10g on Win32?
> Thanks in advance,
> Enrique.

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