What are the best ways of figuring out how the memory usage in AOLserver is 
broken down?  I'm not sure if I even know what all the main memory consumers 
(assuming normal leak-free operation).  Here's what I know about:

*         nscache - I figure going through all the keys and adding up the sizes 
of the keys and values would give me a pretty accurate count.  Is there any 
extra overhead for the number of threads or is this basically a fixed value no 
matter how many threads you have.

*         nsv arrays - Not knowing how they are stored, I don't know how much 
memory they use.  I could go through all the arrays and add up the sizes of the 
string representations of the arrays, but I'm guessing it's stored much more 
efficiently than that.

*         Threads - global variables, procedures, what have you.  Is there any 
way to get this usage per thread, and break it down ideally?

*         Anything else?

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