Jeff Hobbs wrote:
> They just moved their entire data center to Chicago, so I suspect it is
> part of that ongoing move.

I'm sure that's likely to be the explanation, but when you fail so
majorly, there's only one responsible course of action: roll back.

If SourceForge is going to be run willy-nilly by amateur sysadmins, then
there's really no plausible reason to continue to use their service
over, say, any arbitrary free project hosting service (Launchpad
Savannah, etc.).

To that end, I've registered the AOLserver project over at Launchpad
(it's my favorite of them all) --

Project web hosting may end up going to Slicehost--so that
can be run on an actual AOLserver instance.  :-)  However, I'm assuming
there are companies in the community who sell AOLserver hosting - would
any be interested in "donating" hosting for  Lets
seriously have this conversation and make a decision ... I think keeping
things at SourceForge is coming to an end.

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