AOL version 4.5 may be killed my simple code:

catch {exec soffice -invisible -headless -norestore 
"macro:///Standard.Converter.ConvertToPDF($tmpdocname)" -display :10}

I rewrite command as
exec soffice -invisible -headless -norestore 
"macro:///Standard.Converter.ConvertToPDF($tmpdocname)" -display :10 > 

It's work but is not stable.

And this code work wrong:

if {[file exists $tmpresname]==1} {
        ns_returnfile 200 [ns_guesstype $tmpresname] $tmpresname
} else {
        puts "File $tmpresname not exists"

We can see message in AOL log:

File /tmp/fileiBmXN0/doc.pdf not exists

$ ls -lh /tmp/fileiBmXN0/doc.pdf
-rw-r--r-- 1 www-data www-data 81K 2009-03-02 00:38 /tmp/fileiBmXN0/doc.pdf

Is AOL 4.5 development and unstable release? I did think AOL 4.5 is production 
but AOL 4.0.10 work fine and AOL 4.5 generate a lot of different errors.

Best regards.

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