On Monday 02 March 2009 01:00:26 Dossy Shiobara wrote:
> > It's work but is not stable.
> Tcl [exec] from within a multi-threaded application like AOLserver is
> not recommended, as it has undesirable side effects.

And how about tcl open command? Is this code safe for AOL:

proc mbg_tidy {buf} {
        if {$buf eq {}} {return {}}

        set res {}
        set cat [open "|cat" r+]
        set io [ open "|/usr/bin/tidy -utf8 -asxhtml -q --show-body-only 1 -f 
/dev/null <@ $cat" r]
        puts $cat $buf
        flush $cat
        close $cat
        set res [read $io]
        catch {close $io}
        return $res

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