On Thursday 26 March 2009 21:40:05 Dossy Shiobara wrote:
> I wonder - should this be the documented known behavior of ns_adp_abort
> vs. ns_adp_return?  i.e., abort indicates that the connection is
> intentionally terminated, not logged, etc. vs. ns_adp_return which halts
> ADP processing but continues the connection, which includes logging, etc.
> I'm inclined to agree with you that the current behavior is a bug, but
> it raises the question: should there be such a function that says "this
> connection wasn't handled, don't even log it" - or, should ALL
> connections always be logged, even if it's aborted?

How about ADP or file is included into ADP with code

ns_return 200 {text/html; charset=utf-8} {some message}


ns_returnfile 200 [ns_guesstype $fname] $fname

This request _must be_ logged. ns_adp_break is not correct here because it 
will send all output to closed connection.

Best regards.

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