I am using OpenOffice3.4.1 sdk to build an external dll (it does not add any 
new types, and is based on the documentLoader example) , which interacts with 
OpenOffice. I could build the dll using Visual studio 2012 and use it as well. 
However since the dll is supposed to be cross platform, I moved the project to 
a Makefile. I have written a Makefile, which creates the .dll, and .lib. 
However when I use it in a test application, the application complains that the 
MSVCR80.dll is missing from the computer. I have the following set for the CPP 


Changing the CPP home to use the Visual studio 2012 compiler, causes 
compilation error.
I have all the versions from VS2005 to VS2012 installed on my PC.

I implemented a test application using VS2012 as well as VS2008, but both 
applications complain about the MSVCR80.dll

At the same time I am able to use the DLL built using the VS2012 project, and 
everything works fine

Please advise on what is the best way of compiling using the Makefile and using 
the dll. Let me know if you need anymore clarification.


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