A couple of weeks ago I had a UNO project that required using Visual Studio/MFC. Despite the fact that there not a lot of information about this setup, Visual Studio (2012 in my case) works nicely with the UNO API. I did not read the old docs Alexandro Colorado referred to in the other reply.

To get started I would suggest the following steps:

(1) Download and install Java/Netbeans/OO Plugin to learn NO using Java.
(2) Then go to C++. There is a simple mapping from the Java to C++ syntax.
(3) Decide whether you want to support the current method of bootstrapping (you don't have to).

The old message http://markmail.org/message/gzzv3we42b36aavn?q=list:org%2Eapache%2Eincubator%2Eooo-api+from:%22jg%22&page=1 has some more details on what to look for.


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