Good afternoon!
Sorry for my bad english.
I propose a new formula for the OpenOffice Calc application.
= FINDN (A; B; C; D), where
FINDN (A; B; C; D) - displays the number of the character from which the 
desired, repeating text begins.
A - is the text you want to find;
B - the text in which the text A is searched;
C - the number, position number of the text B, with which to search;
D - is the number, the ordinal number of the text A to be found.
Cell A1 contains the text ";"
Cell B1 contains the text 
The FINDN formula (A1; B1; 1; 6) gives the result = 50
Will explain:
I work a lot in OpenOffice Calc, I work every day with tens of thousands of 
different numbers. They are difficult to systematize, store and process due to 
the fact that they occupy a large number of cells. On my computer dozens of 
large tables with data that are complexly processed, new values are calculated. 
As a result I get a huge array of digital values for other company specialists.
I have to generate text containing values in this format:
That is, here each value takes exactly 9 characters, plus 10 delimiter 
Cells with this text I copy to another table - a report from which, according 
to the query of other specialists, the first, second, third ... hundredth and 
so on value is displayed.
At the moment, I needed to use more than 120 such values to display parameters 
for one point of accounting for one day (actual resource consumption for 24 
hours, planned flow for 24 hours, calculation factor for 24 hours [for example 
steam enthalpy], average temperature for 24 hours , average pressure for 24 
hours and other data). And you need to have an archive not only for the current 
month, but also from the beginning of the year: for every day for several 
hundred accounting items.
It would be much easier to save data in this form:
But in this case it is difficult to describe several algorithms by the user of 
the data, displaying the text, enclosed between some delimiters. For example, 
the sixth value is between the fifth and the sixth separator (574.42452). If 
this is the way to display text between 100 and 101 separators, it takes a lot 
of space and computer memory (if you have to work with thousands of such cells 
at the same time).

Sincerely, Kolomiets Pavel  

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