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Anton Borisov

сб, 3 марта 2018 г., 1:57 Павел <>:

> Good afternoon!
> Sorry for my bad english.
> I propose a new formula for the OpenOffice Calc application.
> = FINDN (A; B; C; D), where
> FINDN (A; B; C; D) - displays the number of the character from which the
> desired, repeating text begins.
> A - is the text you want to find;
> B - the text in which the text A is searched;
> C - the number, position number of the text B, with which to search;
> D - is the number, the ordinal number of the text A to be found.
> Example:
> Cell A1 contains the text ";"
> Cell B1 contains the text
> «154,8;641,5486;461,654;315,4135;135,454;574,42452;874,35;157,4;713»
> The FINDN formula (A1; B1; 1; 6) gives the result = 50
> Will explain:
> I work a lot in OpenOffice Calc, I work every day with tens of thousands
> of different numbers. They are difficult to systematize, store and process
> due to the fact that they occupy a large number of cells. On my computer
> dozens of large tables with data that are complexly processed, new values
> are calculated. As a result I get a huge array of digital values for other
> company specialists.
> I have to generate text containing values in this format:
> «154,80000;641,54860;461,65400;315,41350;135,45400;574,42452;874,35000;157,40000;713,00000»
> That is, here each value takes exactly 9 characters, plus 10 delimiter
> characters.
> Cells with this text I copy to another table - a report from which,
> according to the query of other specialists, the first, second, third ...
> hundredth and so on value is displayed.
> At the moment, I needed to use more than 120 such values to display
> parameters for one point of accounting for one day (actual resource
> consumption for 24 hours, planned flow for 24 hours, calculation factor for
> 24 hours [for example steam enthalpy], average temperature for 24 hours ,
> average pressure for 24 hours and other data). And you need to have an
> archive not only for the current month, but also from the beginning of the
> year: for every day for several hundred accounting items.
> It would be much easier to save data in this form:
> «154,8;641,5486;461,654;315,4135;135,454;574,42452;874,35;157,4;713»
> But in this case it is difficult to describe several algorithms by the
> user of the data, displaying the text, enclosed between some delimiters.
> For example, the sixth value is between the fifth and the sixth separator
> (574.42452). If this is the way to display text between 100 and 101
> separators, it takes a lot of space and computer memory (if you have to
> work with thousands of such cells at the same time).
> Sincerely, Kolomiets Pavel

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