Art:  Many factors contribute to poor color in “Jonagold” and other varieties 
of apples.

1.      “Joangold” is not a high coloring cultivar, except in excellent sites 
where it can get adequate cool nights and warm (but not hot) days at least one 
month before harvest.

2.       “Jonagold” is a vigorous tree. Adequate pruning is a must for good 

3.      Heavily fertilized trees produce poor color fruits.

4.      High temperature and high humidity during coloring will reduce fruit 

5.      I have seen young trees produce good color fruits compare to older 
trees, but I have also seen the opposite, which gets back to tree management..

6.      I am not sure heavy crop load impact fruit color much . I would assume 
the opposite.. A tree that has a heavy crop load is likely to have less shaded 

7.      In my opinion the key players are inadequate pruning and hot and humid 
weather before harvest.

8.      I have seen a NW grower mist a “Jonagold” block to increase color 
through evaporative cooling.   Not a good practice if you live in a humid area..
Mosbah Kushad, University of Illinois

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Why are my Jonagolds not coloring?  Can this be an issue if they have a heavy 

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