Very interesting. Like the author and commenters said, consumers will be the 
key. This isn't about retail agriculture, this is full-blown wholesale 
production and marketing. The 'Cosmic Crisp' all-in approach really is a 
gamble. Consumer response will depend on how well WA delivers this product to 
consumers. Harvest timing and post-harvest handling will need to be immaculate, 
and I have not always been impressed with how the industry in WA delivers on 
quality. I know the growers are good, but I think packers don't focus as hard 
on quality as they should. There are so many choices out the for consumers, and 
Fuji is doing pretty well as a low cost choice with lots of volume going into 
the market. It seems to me to be a razor's edge proposition. But then, I 
haven't tasted 'Cosmic Crisp'.

Just stirring the apple sauce, I guess.


William H. Shoemaker

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A good concise article on what Washington state growers are doing with Cosmic 
Crisp over the next two years - the figures are staggering -

'et cavete ab agricola’ -

'let the grower beware'…

…and the sales desks also...

David Doud - grower, IN - silver tip on early blooming varieties -
so sorry to see reports of the eastern temperatures of a couple nights ago...

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