Hi Mohamed:

I only saw one dark brown leaf in one of the two photos, which could be 
affected by the honeydew, since I don’t see any sign of fireblight on the 
twigs..   The cupping and drying of the other leaves is likely due to high wind 
or drought since most of the damage is on the margins of the leaves …. What 
part of Morocco are you at?    I am assuming that you are close to Midlet, the 
apple growing region in Morocco. . I have been in that area twice in the last 
two years…. Please send me your direct e.mail…   Mosbah Kushad, University of 
Illinois kus...@illinois.edu

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Hi Mosbah,

Thank you for your reply and for the link.

Just got some pictures of the foliar damage: on most (but not all) trees 
affected, the honeydew causes the leaves to become very dark brown before they 
dry off and fall.  Some trees have been completely "defoliated".

However, unless we need to use a magnifying glass, we do not see psylle in any 
form (egg, nymph, or adult).  The honeydew "seems" to come out of the buds but 
we could be wrong.


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Do you see a lot of russeted fruits with dark spots? PP nymphs produce the 
honeydew that drips on the fruit surface causing the russet..  Washington State 
University has a very nice factsheet.. Here is the link..  
Mosbah Kushad, University of Illinois …

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Hello from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco,

I hope somebody on the list can help me find the reason our two-year pear trees 
produce a honey-like sticky substance.

I was told it is pear psyllia, but I do not see any insects on the trees.

Somebody else suspected gummosis.  I am familiar with gummosis on cherry trees, 
but the sap we see on the pear trees is less viscous, and forms only a thin 
layer that drips on leaves.

Thanks for your help,

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