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I won't comment on our new President -- will leave it to your imagination, although currently living in Massachusetts, Sens. Edward Kennedy, John Kerry, etc. Hey, it could be worse, I am a born Vermonter, = Bernie Sanders. (To be fair, Vermont has a long tradition of Republicanism, although obviously independence too!)


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On Jan 28, 2009, at 10:02 AM, Con.Traas wrote:

Hello all,
I hope that I have not been kicked off apple crop for bad behaviour. I have not seen any posts in a little while. In the past few weeks I have been analysing results of farm-scale trials on the use of post-blossom ethryl to cause thinning in apples. The results seem to be very variable, depending on variety, with Alkmene and Bramley’s practically unaffected, and Katja, Jonagored and Elstar dropping a lot of apples, but with little positive effect on fruit size. As this is my first year trying this chemical, I would be interested in any observations.
Con Traas

PS. Congratulations to the US readers on your new President. Do you expect any effects on pomology?


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