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I'd encourage you to consider joining the Massachusetts Fruit Growers Association.


Dues are only $200/year and you will receive a wealth of information by attending educational sessions they sponsor along with the Extension service. The just completed winter meeting saw over 100 attend and included and afternoon of orchard pruning demonstration at the Belchertown UMass research orchard which the association donated to the University years ago. You will be contributing to support local research and enable a voice to promote the interests of fruit growers in Massachusetts.

Give it a look. It's a good investment.

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I don't know if you were looking to purchase a video, but I do have a video by Gary Moulton that is one of the best I have seen on all aspects of pruning, including the pruning of open center trees. It's available on my blog at http:// www.theorchardkeeper.blogspot.com. I hope this helps!

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I have a small 3-acre orchard, half of which are long-established red spy and McIntosh, which I have rehabbed reasonably well over the past 6 years.

I could use advice on pruning the larger open-center trees, especially what to do on the top scaffold limbs. How many of the suckers to eliminate, how to stop telephone-pole development and so forth.

There is an excellent peach-pruning video on the UMass Fruit Advisor which greatly clarifies the strategy for pruning peach trees. There is also a good one on central leader apples on short root-stock.

Can someone point me to a comparable video, or clear written advice, to deal with the pruning strategy for the heirloom open- center trees, especially the top level of the canopy? Thanks.


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