I thought some of you may be interested in filling out this survey.


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We are trying to distribute the survey described below to as many apple
experts as possible.  Can you help?

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>Dear Apple Lovers,
>Mother Earth News is working on an article about the best
>low-maintenance apple varieties for backyard gardeners, and we need
>help. To start things off, we've chosen 23 varieties that are reported
>to be resistant to all four major apple diseases - rust, scab,
>fireblight and mildew. (Thanks to Ted Swensen of the Home Orchard
>Society for his help in choosing this list.)
>Now, we are hoping you will share your expertise with our readers by
>completing our survey about these varieties. The results will be the
>basis of our article in the October/November issue of Mother Earth
>plus we will post the survey results, including all comments
>participants provide, on our website.
>Click here to go to the survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/L3TY9N6
>Thanks in advance for whatever help you can provide. Also, we would
>greatly appreciate you forwarding this email to other apple enthusiasts
>you think might be interested in contributing.
>Cheryl Long
>Editor in Chief
>Mother Earth News

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