After JD, Kubota, and Massy, We are all for New Holland.  Reliably, Great cab, 
nice gear choices, and especially their sharp turning ability for compact 
orchards and vineyards.
                                  Evan B. Milburn                    

     On Sunday, November 8, 2015 7:39 AM, Franklyn Carlson 
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{}#yiv9669691503 Kurt: We have 2 , a 5525N,the older one, and a newer 5093EN.  
We do like these tractors. The one bad thing is with the short wheelbase they 
ride rough over the road.  I think the Ford New Holland will ride smother 
because the wheel base is longer. With their special front  end,  they turn 
very sharp.  Up here, our decision is on the dealer.  The JD is 15 mins away, 
and the NH is 1 hour away. Frank Carlson    Franklyn W. Carlson, Pres. Carlson 
Orchards, Inc. 115 Oak Hill Road, P.O. Box 359 Harvard, MA. 01451 978-456-3916 
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Subject: Re: [apple-crop] New Holland vs. John Deere    Kurt,
    We don't have any of the vineyard series New Holland models, but we have 2 
of the orchard profile models, both with super-steer.  One is an open station 
and the other has a cab.
    We have found New Holland's equipment to be competitive with John Deere 
equipment in terms of quality and peformance.  Some will like "green" better 
than "blue" no matter what.  However, our New Holland equipment has served very 
well and seems to be well-designed.  The New Holland cab is also more 
comfortable than the cabs on other equipment, especially the Kubota models.  (I 
don't want to knock Kubota, though, as they have the most fuel-efficient models 
on the market.)
    These new tractors have a ton of electronics and the new emissions 
regulations add yet another layer to the complexity of their designs.  There is 
always danger of electronics failure with any brand, so having a dealership 
nearby would be influential in a purchase decision, particularly if the price 
is competitive.  Do parts come from a local warehouse or do they have to be 
shipped from Europe?
    We also have a JD 5083EN set up with forklifts front and back and my son 
says it's the best tractor we've even owned for that purpose.  He prefers the 
shuttle on the JD to the New Holland, but both work well.
    In conclusion, I wouldn't fear the New Holland or the JD models you are 
investigating.  But we've been pleased with "blue's" performance, for sure.

 Brad M. Hollabaugh General Manager Hollabaugh Bros., Inc. On 11/7/2015 9:50 
AM, Kurt W. Alstede wrote: 
Hello Fellow Growers:   We are evaluating a new orchard tractor purchase and 
wanted to solicit input from fellow growers.  We currently have John 
Deere’s…specifically a 5320N 2WD and a 5420N 4WD; both with cabs.  We are very 
pleased with both these tractors.   We are currently looking at a John Deere 
5085EN versus a New Holland T4.75V.  They are both essentially the same tractor 
in terms of base features and horsepower; prices are similar.  We are concerned 
about the overall height of the John Deere caused by the Tier 3 pollution 
controls that have been added to the tops of the engines.  Contrary, we are 
intrigued by how relatively small the packaging of the New Holland vineyard 
tractor is with an overall width of just 48”.  We see a lot of opportunities 
for this tightly packaged New Holland in our brambles and blueberries in 
addition to our high density orchard blocks.  Having never owned a New Holland 
narrow tractor and I was hoping that some of you might lend some insight into 
your personal observations.  It appears to us that New Holland has put a lot of 
R & D into their narrow and orchard tractors and that their “Blue Cab” is quite 
nicely engineered.  Again, we would appreciate your feedback.   Thanks!   Kurt  
   Kurt W. Alstede General Manager, Alstede Farms, LLC P.O. Box 278 1 Alstede 
Farms Lane, Chester, New Jersey 07930 United States of America   Tel:  
908-879-7189 Fax: 908-879-7815      

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