Has anyone used Kocide for frost protection effectively.  It's labeled
for frost protection, but I've never really heard how well it actually

A friend of mine received an email in which J.B Obermiller w/ NCSU
Res. Ser. used it apparently to great effectiveness.

According to the email, "Another frost injury protection material you
may want to try is Kocide 3000. In 2015 some local peach blocks showed
good results using Kocide 3000. Orchard temperatures dropped to 20
deg. Adjacent blocks without Kocide had very little fruit. It was used
24 hrs. prior to frost at 2lbs./ac."

The email doesn't say what stage the fruit buds were in, but it sounds
like it worked well in that instance.

Mark Angermayer
Tubby Fruits
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