If you read the Kocide 3000 label, applying Kocide is in relation to protection 
of plants from Pseudomonas infection -- this is the culprit for bacterial 
canker.  Pseudomonas has ice nucleation proteins, which allow water to freeze 
in the plant cell at a higher temperature thereby causing frost injury sooner.  
When this injury occurs, the bacteria will feed on the nutrients released by 
the injured plant tissue.  Major infection event then ensues...  Pseudomonas 
LOVES this weather we are experiencing -- bacterial populations will be at 
their highest now as a result.  This is why bacterial canker is often referred 
to as the "cold weather disease."  IF you are experiencing bacterial canker in 
your stone fruit, I'd follow the recommendation for applying Kocide because the 
Kocide will knock back the bacteria, which is what causes the damage.  I 
believe this is the frost protection they are talking about -- frost occurring 
due to Psuedomonas being present causing the freezing at hi
 gher temps.

I don't believe Kocide will offer any other kind of frost protection and 
**would caution** using it considering it may actually do more harm than good 
(as far as the copper causing further damage to frozen tissue).

In relation to the comments below -- there are a lot of unanswered questions to 
take into consideration: 
Was it the same cultivar --could survival have been due to being at different 
bud stages?
What was the elevation for the two sites?
History of bacterial canker?
And it most likely wasn't repeated...?

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Has anyone used Kocide for frost protection effectively.  It's labeled for 
frost protection, but I've never really heard how well it actually works.

A friend of mine received an email in which J.B Obermiller w/ NCSU Res. Ser. 
used it apparently to great effectiveness.

According to the email, "Another frost injury protection material you may want 
to try is Kocide 3000. In 2015 some local peach blocks showed good results 
using Kocide 3000. Orchard temperatures dropped to 20 deg. Adjacent blocks 
without Kocide had very little fruit. It was used
24 hrs. prior to frost at 2lbs./ac."

The email doesn't say what stage the fruit buds were in, but it sounds like it 
worked well in that instance.

Mark Angermayer
Tubby Fruits
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